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Urban announces two additional recipients of PFSI training and technical assistance

January 25, 2018 - 2:32pm

We are pleased to announce two new sites have been selected to receive training and technical assistance services (TTA) through the Urban Institute’s Pay for Success Initiative (PFSI). This is our next round of PFSI TTA sites, building on awards announced in early 2016 and those selected in 2017 through partnerships with other PFS organizations.

The Greater Portland Addiction Collaborative (GPAC) is a non-profit that brings together hospitals, other health care providers, housing providers, and government agencies to address the growing opioid crisis in Maine. They are developing a comprehensive program of recovery services and concrete supports, which include detoxification, housing, recovery, and chronic disease and case management, to address the needs of people struggling with opioid addiction.  To support PFS planning efforts and better understand the needs of the target population, GPAC is currently working with Open Lattice to create an integrated data system that brings together client data from partners and service providers, health records, and criminal justice information.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is a government agency that oversees primary and secondary education for the state of Texas. Through PFS, TEA strives to improve math education through schools designated as Math Innovation Zones. These schools will implement blended learning programs of technology and high-quality math instruction. The blended learning model provides a math curriculum on a technology platform that allows students to move through their math lessons and achieve predefined objectives at their own pace under the supervision of an instructor. The goal of the project is to promote student achievement and engagement with mathematics.

Over the next year, Urban will be working with our local partners at these sites to build on the foundations they have already created. These TTA partnerships are designed to support local goals and complement the work of other PFS planning partners. Assistance activities include conducting deep dives into the evidence base on specific interventions, building local knowledge and capacity, and providing evaluation design support that emphasize rigor and practicality. We are excited to be working with both of our new TTA sites.

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